The state of California in the US is known to be a bit on the ‘edge’. This is not a criticism but just a statement of fact. Certainly not all men are surfers without jobs or women are blonde and have boob jobs. There are plenty of normal, rational people. However, the California Prison Guards Union has come up with an irrational rebuke for the government ‘s new law that distributes condoms to those incarcerated in prison for the purpose of stopping the spread of HIV.

couple sleep syncThis union says that condoms can be used as weapons of mass destruction. They say that contraband can be concealed in a condom – or that if an inmate is raped, the rapist can just flush the evidence and never be caught. They say they can be melted and used as slingshots to hurl objects at the guards.

Take a look at the numbers. California is a huge state. According to its Department of Corrections over 1200 inmates have HIV or AIDs and the state spends $18 million USD on their care each year. Because they do not force testing before an individual goes through intake, they say the number could be significantly higher. Obviously law makers saw the advantage of saving money and lives by preventing the spread of disease with free condoms.

It’s important that inmates have access to protection online. A great place to start would be a great online retailer such as, or various others, just Google.

Three previous governors of the state vetoed any proposed law that would allow for safe sex in the prison system. Sex among gays and heterosexual males is going to continue in all prisons whether people in charge like it or not. There are maximum security facilities where inmates have private cells and are not allowed to commune with other prisoners. But this is for the most dangerous criminals. All others are housed usually two to a cell with open showers and an open outside exercise area. Inmates can earn the privilege of working in the laundry, library, kitchen and other areas where temptation is high.

Providing condoms so that inmates have safe sex was good common sense.