Air quality in the home is vital to ensure a healthy and happy family. Without it, allergies can become worse, existing conditions such as asthma may be made more challenging and condensation and humidity can lead to mould. Serious diseases can even be spread by poor ventilation; this is seen in ‘sick building syndrome’ in office spaces in particular. Even at mild levels, a home without good ventilation can feel stuffy and be constantly suffused with cooking smells and pet odours and more.


There are various measures you can take to improve air quality within your home. At the most basic level, improving air quality can be as simple as regularly opening windows if you live in a clean and pollution-free area. For those who wish to remove cooking and bathroom odours, extractor fans are an easy and common way of taking odour-causing particles out of circulation and transferring them to the outdoors, where they can disperse.

For those that are really serious about enjoying good health and improving air quality in the home, an expert provider can be commissioned to carry out a risk assessment and survey of the current air hygiene within your premises. They will offer various remedial approaches, including mechanical cleaning, kitchen extract cleaning, biocidal treatment and monitoring systems for checking air quality.

Biocidal Cleaning Systems

Essentially, these services look at the systems that you already have place and focus on cleaning them. For example, if you have an air-conditioning system at home or at work, it can become rapidly infused with germs as the re-used air repeatedly circulates through the unit. This can lead to diseases such as Legionnaires’ in severe cases. Regular cleaning using biocidal treatments will kill the germs and return the unit to effective functioning.

Mechanical Cleaning

This will involve looking at any extractor fans or air-quality systems that you have in place and cleaning them thoroughly and effectively. Kitchen and bathroom extractor fans will be effectively and safely cleaned so that they can be restored to full working order. You will notice that your extractor fans are gathering dirt and even black mould spores when they begin to be compromised, and this is the time to take action and call in the experts.

A regular monitoring and cleaning programme will help to ensure that your ventilation is safe and effective and maximise the investment you are making in your home and your family’s safety.

Get in touch today with the experts and find out what solutions for improving air quality exist and which might be suitable for you. An initial visit and assessment of your conditions will be the starting point, followed by a detailed recommendation and programme of action to fix any problems and improve any existing ventilation systems that you already have in place.

Don’t risk letting your family’s health and well-being become compromised by poor ventilation in the home – get in touch today and find out what services will benefit you.