Granite as a countertop material is generally preferred as it is extremely durable, hard wearing and has unique aesthetic qualities that make it a highly prized building material. Classic granite used to make ancient building structures is also used as a natural product to make modern kitchen worktops. As they are formed by the differential cooling of magma, they form myriad designs naturally and are available in a wide range of natural colours ranging from pink to grey to green to black. Here are a few most popular types of the stone and how it can be used to create perfect London granite worktops. Types of Granite and their uses

Granite is a favourite of almost all interior designers who prefer to use it in kitchens due to its durability and its range of earthy colours that add great textures and looks to even the most nondescript of kitchens. Granite can be used to complement different styles and designs of cabinets like painted, stain grade, etc. to create pleasant, comfortable combinations that are pleasing to the eye. Here are a few common granites that are used as kitchen countertop materials:-

  • Bianco Romano

Interior designers usually suggest this variety of granite when a classic style white kitchen is desired by homeowners. The granite because of its warm colour works well with beige or white cabinets. Nickel and bronze hardware looks great on this London granite worktop that embodies all the natural stone colours like cream, gray, white, etc.

  • Autumn Green / Olive Green / Seaweed Green

Available in a range of brand names, these granites have beautiful shades of green that are earthy and have undertones of gray and brown that adds to its subtle elegance. Consisting of almost geometric stone markings, this type of granite can adjust best to painted cabinets with hardware made of satin nickel. It can be used in both polished and unpolished forms.

  • Fusion Blue

This granite works best in homes that are very open and exposed to a lot of natural light, its equivalent to creating a sea palette in your entire house. Since the colour of the granite varies between shades of green and blue, it also varies considerably from batch to batch. The colour of the granite matches well with white cabinets and nickel hardware.

  • Absolute Black

This bold, black granite is a favourite with designers when creating a classic kitchen with black counters and white cabinets. This stone looks amazing in all its forms, whether polished or honed and gels well with cabinets of any colour with chrome and bronze fixtures.

  • Typhoon Bordeaux

London granite worktops using this type of stone can vary in colour between cream, brick red, gray, brown, etc. due to differing shades of the stone. This is ideal for light kitchens that have flooring in shades of red. Warm kitchens can be created with this stone and beige or cream coloured cabinet.

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