“Skin care is like dieting. You have to invest time and effort. There is no instant miracle cure.” This is meant for everyone as the skin determines the beauty of the person. Also, it is true that we love to take care of our body and so when it comes to skin care, we like to think that everything is under our control.

bThe skin generally encases all the organs of the body in order to protect them from harmful bacteria and helping in regulating the temperature of the body. As a result, it is important to take proper care of our skin and also we must be aware of certain important facts that will help in keeping the skin healthy. So, let us have a look at those facts that every dermatologist want us to know:

  • Gentle exfoliation on the skin is good: According to the skin doctors, it is advised to go with daily face washes along with the gentle exfoliation on skin. Do not go with the heavy exfoliation, particularly if you are having spots or the sensitive skin. The cleansed skin is essential as it makes the products perform better whereas the heavy exfoliation could actually remove the protective layers of the skin while leaving it more prone to sensitivity.
  • Nothing works on the chicken skin or KP: The chicken skin, medically referred as Keratosis Pilaris (or KP), are the red bumps that could appear on the backs of the arms usually do not have any effect of any lotions or potions. But still, you can go with gentle daily moisturising by using the product like the Eucerin having 10% urea applied in the sunshine. It is recommended not to exfoliate it till greater extent as it may make it worse due to the irritation caused by it.
  • Invest in cleansing brushes: It is better if you have your own cleansing brushes as they are gentle on your skin as well as effective too. But you should know how to use these cleansing brushes effectively on the skin.
  • Treating the freckles: There are generally two types of freckles that occur on the body. One is the freckles that people are born with and another is those freckles that are resulted due to sun damage. The freckles developed due to sun exposure usually appear over the chest, shoulders, upper back, back of the hands as well as on the face too. As a result, these sun damaged freckles that are most often irregularly shaped must be treated for getting smooth skin.
  • Opt for the light products: There are a number of face creams, mostly anti ageing creams that are thick and gloopy. This will help you to feel lovely, but it could make the people little bit more prone to spots. If in case you pour or squeeze a product, it would be better for the skin than a thick cream in the pot. It is advisable not to over-exfoliate the spots as if you scrub them to a greater extent, it will inflame them and make them worse.
  • Treating the adult acne: The acne is partly genetic, but still there are other wide number of reasons to it. Among those reasons, one is the stress factor that triggers our cortisol hormone that could in turn give you spots whereas the stress indicates the poor sleep patterns that upset your hormones. Another major reason is the pollution that makes the spots worse.
  • Avoid trying too many beauty products: It is usually seen that people switch from one product to the other in order to get their skin problem cured. The cosmetic products don’t guarantee you to make your skin problems hugely better.

As a result, the above-mentioned some of the facts are most important factors that you must know in order to keep your skin healthy. Also, you must take proper measures to treat your skin problems before approaching to the dermatologist.

Author’s Bio:

Daniel is a medical expert and working with professional dermatologist clinic in London. With this post, he is sharing top 7 facts about the skin that your skin doctor wants you to know.