A sieving machine in the construction industry has an important role to play, and it enables sand and other aggregates to be sorted quickly and easily without the need for many man hours. As sieving machines are vital for many aspects of construction work, it’s important that the equipment is regularly maintained so that it continues to run smoothly and effectively at all times.

How Are Sieving Machines Used?

Sieving machines have a large number of vibrating sieves that enable a vast quantity of different particles to be separated from one another at high speeds. The range of mesh sizes that are available enables even fine particles to be segmented, which offers many benefits to the construction industry.

A sieving machine in the construction industry can be used to separate building aggregates or debris that has been removed from a site so that the various elements can either be re-used or recycled using the appropriate facility.


Maintaining Sieving Machines

As a sieving machine works by relying on the vibrating effects of the individual sieves to separate the various particles, it’s important to maintain your equipment regularly to improve the reliability of it and keep it operating effectively for longer. This will ensure that you get the maximum usage out of the machine and it continues to provide a quality service on your site.

Have It Installed Correctly

The way in which your sieving machine is set up will help to reduce the degree of maintenance that is required over its lifetime. It’s important to use it on a solid floor to limit any secondary vibrations and ensure that all the settings are correct for your specific requirements.

Use High-Quality Mesh

The mesh should be tested on a regular basis to ensure that it screens the particles effectively and to check for any signs of damage. The majority of damage to the mesh occurs as a result of the screens not being handled correctly, so it’s vital that they are stored and used in the right manner at all times.

Conduct Regular Checks

There are a number of elements on sieving machines that need to be checked regularly to optimise their usage, including clamps, flexible connectors and the suspension. Where repairs need to be conducted, it’s important to use genuine spare parts that have been manufactured specifically for your equipment. This will maintain the highest standards, keep your equipment operating effectively for longer and ensure that particles are accurately sorted at all times. Often construction companies will make a purchasing decision solely based on the initial cost, but you also need to understand the long-term implications and how this will affect the operation of your sieving machines months down the line.

Sieving machines are extremely beneficial to the construction industry, so it’s important to maintain their effectiveness and efficiency levels as far as possible. This can be achieved with regular checks and maintenance, alongside appropriate repairs and replacements that keep the equipment in prime condition.