Do you want to create a business plan? Are you wondering how to do it? You can use a PowerPoint template to create the plan.Your plan may include information relating to the financial status of the business and the aims of the business. It will also consist of the strategies of the business entityto reachitsobjectives.

PowerPoint Template – What is it?

A template consists of shapes, images, animations and other components of a slide show. It is characterized by one or more slides. After downloading the template is over, you can change the elements in the template as per requirements. Infuse new designs for making your presentation appear unique to the audience.

Business Presentation on laptop

PowerPoint Template – How to downloadit?

The procedure of downloading a PowerPoint slide is also called ‘importing a template.’ Here is a step-by-step process to import a template.

  • At first youhave to start PowerPoint presentation program.
  • Next, you should click on ‘File’ and then click on ‘New’ tab.
  • You will notice a search box where you will be given an option to look for online themes and templates.
  • Type the choice of your template and press ‘Enter.’
  • If PowerPoint is able to find out templates matching your query, it displays images of those templates on the screen.
  • To assess the utility of a particular template, you have to click on the thumbnail images on the screen. This will give you an expanded version of the image. Take a look at the description beside the image to comprehend the user rating of the template.
  • Finally, in order to download or import the template, you have to click on ‘Create.’
  • You can now, see the template in PowerPoint and use it.

Creating a Business Plan with a PPT Template- How will you devise it?

When you are designing the business plan, your main aim is to cater to the audience for whom you are preparing it. Tweaking PowerPoint templates is an effective way to modify the structure as per need. You can use animations to make your presentation worthwhile, but the slide should look professional.

Your presentation should display the following.

# Slides for data obtained from marketing research

You can organize the information in separate categories of target market analysis and major marketing strategies. For this section of the business plan, using around two slides will be effective.

# Slides for the company and its history

You have to study the company from the very beginning to avail information about its product range, and existing strategies. In this section, you can also mention the measures the company can take in order to fulfill the objectives. Therefore, you can use 3 slides for this particular section. Past, present and future plans of the company can be chronologically delineate in the 3 slides.

# A slide for the present financial status of the organization

A business plan is not complete without a financial statement about the company. Statement for cash flow, balance sheet, profit & loss statement, etcare key elementsof the business plan. Each and every financial statement should be displayed on a separate slide. If two statements are put on one slide, the business plan will lose its clarity.

Before, presenting the show, you can test-run the presentation in front of your business partners. They can help with points you have missed out and point out errors you have committed.

These were the steps involved in downloading an online PowerPoint template. Thus, if you are intending to create a business plan with the help of a template, go ahead and import it online. You will be presented with a large repertoire of PPT templates.

Author Bio – Susan Hubbard has created many presentations with the help of online PowerPoint templates. Her articles have assisted many first-timers in downloading PPT templates.