Resumes mostly do not speak what you want to convey. And if you still stick to some zombie phrases used in the nineties, then your chances of getting hired can get affected not in a positive way. Your resume is one marketing document that can either kill it or make in case of a particular opportunity. Here is what you should avoid and what you should put in your resume to enhance your job search process.

What is a resume? A marketing document that you write to make the employer understand how you can be useful for his/her organization. For a typical resume, it might be difficult to get attention for the recruiter. Yes, using a complicated language can keep the employer from hiring you. Thank God for technology, now you can add a lot to your resume to make it different from the crowd or at least what you can do is to avoid some of the out-dated phrases.

So, for a fresh job search process, you need a fresh resume, a smart initiative and be friendly with a number of features like job alerts, resume writing services and online resume format available to easier the process of job search for you. This time when making your branding document, make sure you avoid these over-used phrases.
Resume#1 I am a Big Picture Thinker/Out-of-the-Box Thinker

Not everyone can be an out of the box thinker. Imagine the creativity that would be present in the world, if each one of us thought out-of-the-box. Not every job requires a person who can think like that. Before you put these phrases on your resume, think of anecdotes that support this.

You need to tell them how you being a thinker helped your organization or can help theirs if you are employed. So instead of just penning down fancy lines quote some examples that show that you are worthy of what you say.

#2 I am a Team-Leader/Innovative Leader/Any Kind of Leader

You can be the last person to decide if you are a good leader or not. This simply sounds as self-promotion. Only other people, people working in your team can vouch for you as a good leader. It is simply strange when someone includes words like an innovative leader, thoughtful leader or a team player in the resume.

If you are student, new to the corporate world, then include beneficial information. This could include:

  • How you managed a team for your college event
  • If you ever organized anything in the tenure of your education
  • Your involvement in the activities and how were you beneficial for their success

These things display more efficiency and leadership qualities than just including a sentence.

#3 I am “passionate about”

There is nothing bad in mentioning your passion but the overuse of this phrase in a resume has lowered its value. If you are passionate about something, carry enough evidences to prove the same. Resumes are mostly the first impression that a recruiter makes of you. It is useless to waste that precious moment by including fluffy words that have nil value. Employers look for something real in a resume.

#4 I am a ‘Result Oriented Professional’


And the recruiter is supposed to believe it if you say it. They will believe if you tell them how and point out facts and figures of how you improvised results.

Most of the resumes start with a summary about the candidate and usually looks like:

“Results-oriented Marketing professional with a bottom-line orientation and organizational, strategic and communication skills”

Employers witness a thousand of resumes everyday with this line copy pasted in one form or the other. What employers need to know is why you fit the job? What about the job makes you interested and will keep you interested. Take an example of this guy who included a story in his resume and bragging the job in the end. His resume said:

“I got into the field of production through an internship I had in college second year. I love to build processes from beginnings to the end and put efforts in making them smarter each passing day”

Doesn’t he sound more result oriented than someone who used the direct phrase in the resume.

Some Things You Should Do

Above were some things that you should not put into a resume. But there are somethings that you can do to make the stand out-of-the-box. You can:

  • Get professional help from someone having experience in your field
  • Treat your resume as your branding document
  • Include a summary with two to three reasons stating why someone should hire you

In the End

Employers need to see you in action and know about you when they meet your resume. They want to have an idea about why you fit in the job before they call you for a personal interview. Not only this displays an example of your work, but also adds a human voice to resume which is a must today.

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