A lot of new innovative and fun sports activities have come up in the recent times. One of these kinds of activities is the human hamster ball. It is huge gigantic ball that lets you have fun in all 360 degrees. Human hamster ball gives you a thrilling experience. It is greatly loved by kids, teenagers and even adults of all ages.

slider-image39The human hamster ball is big enough to accommodate people of all ages. It is a perfect sport activity that can be used in the snow, grass area or any other soft area. The hamster balls can be as tall as 9 feet also. You can also get customized hamster balls made depending on your requirements. Hamster ball race is also one of most fun form of outdoor sport activities that you can play. There are also floating type hamster balls available that you can use to walk, run or even flip on water.

Though safety is a critical issue in this case as floating type hamster balls might lead to drowning, for people who are not very good at swimming. Especially for kids, adult/expert supervision is a must.

Between two layers, air is filled inside. This filled air acts as a shock absorber, so that the person inside the ball is not hurt, even if the ball hits a hard surface.

Seeing the popularity of zorbing and sports related to it, bubble soccer suits are also quite popular. Many leading websites offer free shipping for the zorb soccer suit. It comes with a transparent zorb ball. Whenever purchasing the zorb ball from any retail outlet or even online, please make sure that you choose the highest quality of material. Most of the zorb balls are made up of PVC.

 The zorb ball suit comes with a blower as well. The blower is used to inflate the air in the ball. Many times we store the ball when it is wet. Doing so can hamper the quality of the ball and lead to fungal growth on it. Hence, one must let it dry and then store it. Also make sure you are wearing protective equipment to protect yourself from any injury while zorbing.