Fall festivals, farmers markets and craft fairs are the perfect place for grabbing some homemade goodies. Crocheted throws, handmade quilts, chunky apple butters and a personal favorite, homemade soap, are all available at these events. Better grab several, just in case.

Homemade soaps
The earthy coconut smell of limestone soap, a coconut oil soap, is a favorite of several customers at the local farmers market. Crafted and rough cut, there are manly smells of sandalwood soaps, the citrus of lemon balm soaps and the cleaning power of lye soaps. Specialties like the mosquito barrier and bug bite soaps, along with the relieving properties of poison oak soaps are great for keeping people healthy and itch-free.
Homemade soapsSoap makers will usually offer a sampler pack, which includes slivers of their best sellers. Take home a sampler and decide which one of the delightful smells is your favorite. Maybe the moisturizing benefit, or the pretty colors and designs, is the reason you love your favorite. When you find the one that is right for you, go back and purchase several more to have on hand.

Different Kinds of Soaps
Handmade bath products like goat milk soap or glycerin soaps will be a great addition to the guests bath. Visitors will feel important and welcomed with a hand-crafted creation that leaves their skin soft and silky.

Try a goat-milk soap for the ultra-creamy feeling. These soaps are generally softer than glycerin soaps. Perfect for delicate skins or dry winter hands, goat milk soaps are great moisturizers.

Glycerin soaps have clear benefits. Harder than their goat-milk cousins, these soaps last a long time. Since the base is clear, these soaps can be decorated with flowers, petals and different colors. There fragrance is usually stronger than a milk-based soap, too. People with sensitivity to dyes will love the glycerin soaps without the added dyes.

There is also much designer soap. Bees wax, herbal soaps, and coconut oil soaps all have their little niche in the designer soap market. Try some lavender soap just before bedtime for a relaxing night. Coconut soap will leave you with that just-back-from-the-beach smell that so many people love.

Try Making Soaps
If buying a hand-crafted soap goes against the grain, there are many soap-making tutorials to help you craft your own unique bar. Decide your base. Add your coloring. Select the perfect fragrance, whether natural, like peppermint or patchouli, or a favorite perfume. Add your own special touches, like a raffia bow or a designer box. Send it out to your friends as a special gift, or keep it for your own personal use. These homemade soaps are very popular.

Enjoy the art of hand-crafted soaps in your bathroom today.