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Laundry – Washing and Ironing

Now you do not have to carry your clothes to the laundry. You also do not have to wash any more. You can just use our app to schedule a pick up for all your dirty clothes and online home maintenance services. You can also select a time that is convenient for you. Yeah it is exactly that simple. Our agents will be at your door step. All of them have eco-friendly bags that they will use to carry your dirty laundry. When they wash and iron your clothes our expert cleaners as they ’ll as our master pressers ensure that your clothes come back to you looking beautiful and fresh every time. Your clothes are also delivered on time at your door step. And voila! All your laundry needs are taken care of just like that!Laundry-HeroFeatures:

  • They have an expert team that has years of experience in dry cleaning and knows how to handle each variety of attire and outfit
  • The chemicals that they use are eco-friendly and are at par with international standards to ensure that your clothes still remain of the finest quality
  • You can now have access to a complete laundry service from the comfort of either your home or your office

How it works:

  • You place at order with us at your convenience based on the time at which you are free and the place which is also convenient for you
  • At the mentioned time they will come to the location that has been mentioned by you to pick up your clothes
  • Once after they have dry cleaned all the clothes they will deliver them back to you at your door step

They wanted to ensure that there is an easy way to get all your laundry done. In the modern world when you can shop clothes and even buy groceries at the click of a button they thought why not get laundry done at the click of a button too? Sounds too good to be true? They’ll that’s exactly what they do for you. They know that doing your laundry may take a lot of time and effort. Why waste that time and effort in doing such a menial task as laundry when you could spend it doing something that you love? You can off course go to your local laundry but even that takes a lot of time and it may be inconvenient for you. That is why they provide you with doorstep pickup and delivery where they ensure that you do not have to do you laundry on your own. Now that they have your app you can directly schedule a pick up for your laundry from your smart phones and then they will take care of all your washing and ironing as they’ll. They also provide all our washing and ironing services at comparable rates. So now you can get all your clean clothes home delivered in no time while you sit at home and relax.