Fruit baskets make the perfect gift items. You can buy one in the store near you or even better you can have it delivered to you, right at your doorstep if you order it online. Fruits are delicious and they are healthy as well, so you can send fruit baskets as a gift to anyone on any occasion. Suppose you learn of an invitation on a very short notice. What to do then? You can always take the help of next day delivery fruit baskets services and order one.

Before ordering a fruit basket you need to be armed with a few important facts about fruit baskets. Fruit baskets are generally of two types- fresh fruit baskets and dry fruit baskets.

Dry Fruit Basket

If you are planning to send the fruit basket overseas or over a large distance, then it is best to go for the dry fruit basket since they make a safer option. Dry fruit baskets generally include cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, walnut, dried grapes etc. These can be preserved over a long period of time, even when left out in the open. They are easier to be shipped as well. Generally dry fruit baskets come in boxes and they have ribbons on it, on which you can even inscribe a message for the one that you are sending the gift to.1

Fresh Fruit Basket

As you have already guessed, fresh fruits generally make up the fresh fruit basket. These may comprise of various types of fruits like bananas, apples, grapes, cranberries, blueberries, oranges etc. The best part about these baskets is that you can add fruits of your own choice when ordering short notice next day fruit baskets by post. It is always best to go for the basket which has seasonal fruits since that guarantees that the fruits will be of good quality. It is difficult for the fruits to stay naturally fresh if you plan on sending a fresh fruit basket over a long distance.

2When it comes to fresh fruit baskets, here are a few dos and don’ts about the fruits in it-

  • Never ever cut a fruit and pack it in a box. It is always best to eat a whole fresh fruit. The moment a fruit is sliced and kept in that way for a long time, it loses its nutrition value almost by half and thus the goodness of the fruit does not remain any more.
  • Fruits are best eaten whole, not even as fruit juices. Try eating a whole fruit and then drink some water.
  • Fruit bars are a strict no-no if you are on a diet or even if you are not. They have a high calorie count and the quantity of fruit present in it is very less.
  • Do not be choosy about the colour of the fruit. Each fruit has a distinctive colour of its own because of the vitamin present in it. Thus try to include as many colour of fruits as possible in your diet. That way you will be able to make sure that you eat all vitamins.

So now that you know which fruit basket is well suited for which kind of delivery, you can take your pick more carefully. This will ensure not only a better delivery but also a more suited present.