If you have a Joomla website, you must be on the lookout for a hosting company that can be used for the perfect hosting experience. Problems are likely to stem when your Joomla website might have outgrown its existing shared hosting plan. It’s time to upgrade to a Joomla hosting plan that can help your website to function to the best of its ability. Remember, one of the topmost reasons you might have chosen Joomla in the first place would be because it’s high and truly impressive performance levels.

There is no point in sticking to a Joomla hosting plan that cannot support peak traffic loads, reducing the response time for the website in question. Especially, when more traffic means more sales and revenues, your website needs to be in a position to support all that traffic, and reaping profits. Thankfully, there are inexpensive options in store like VPS hosting that can be resorted to. There are many reasons why VPS is considered to be one of the best choices for hosting your Joomla website. We look at some such options here.


Some Advantages of VPS Joomla Hosting in India

Once you switch to VPS hosting for your Joomla website, the following advantages would lie in store:

  1. High Performance Level: One of the major drawbacks of a shared hosting platform is that the resources are severely limited and there is not much you can do for expanding your scope. However, same is not the case with a virtual private server. Your website will be able to utilize major resources even when VPS hosting plans would be functioning on a single server. However, tune to your expectations to a realistic level. It would be nothing like choosing a dedicated server hosting plan.
  2. Substantial Savings: One of the most important advantages of choosing a virtual private server hosting plan for a Joomla website is the cost saving part. So, if you are carrying out a cost benefit ratio between VPS and dedicated hosting plans, a VPS Joomla hosting plan will be winning hands down. Of course, there would be a phase when you would really need dedicated hosting for performing better. However, this will only be when your company is reaping substantial profits. Till that time, VPS would work just fine. With VPS, you will be accessing as much advantage as dedicated hosting plans, however, at much reduced costs.
  3. Scalability: Once you have a website in place, you will soon learn that like all other businesses, it will have its share of downs and ups. Just as there would be sudden spurts of traffics, there would be times when you might not need much of resources. VPS would work well in such cases because it would be designed for allowing bigger amount of resources than you actually need it. When the website begins maxing out allotted resources, you will know that it’s time to move to a dedicated Joomla hosting platform.
  4. More Control: When you have Joomla, you certainly have a lot of control over the website despite not having much of technical expertise. And VPS is just the same. You can control a VPS Joomla hosting plan completely including the software which runs it. Therefore, VPS and Joomla is a perfect match. Having complete control of your complete website hosting plan offers you the freedom you must have been craving.
  5. Additional Security: One of the biggest nightmares a website can have would be the site going down because of security violation. Whereas Joomla provides adequate safety, adding a VPS Joomla hosting module to it, will only add to the strength. However, you will also need to engage experienced personnel for securing the link between your website and hosting plan, so as to minimize pilferages.

Joomla website and VPS Joomla hosting module provides unmatched versatility for administrators, owners as well as developers. It ensures that the website is performing at its peak at all times.Remember, the reputation of your content will depend on your content alone but also on the nature of reliability showcased by you website. Make time for selecting the best hosting plan for your Joomla website. Remember, the whole point of setting up a top notch website is lost when you do not have a good hosting service for support.