There are innumerable business opportunities out there, so why should you choose the SEO business model? The reason behind this is quite simple – for a product may get obsolete with time, but the requirement for companies to advertise their products will never go out of fashion. The only change that you are likely to see in this industry is the mode of delivery (how you advertise). And with the Internet being the all-pervasive medium for communication nowadays, it makes sense for companies to advertise their products on this platform for grabbing maximum eyeballs. In India, with increased use of smartphones by the general populace, the Internet has become the choicest platform to communicate and do business. This has created the unique and exciting opportunity for building an SEO Company in India.

What does an SEO company do?

An SEO company has to work on several issues simultaneously to succeed in putting the website of its client high on a search order ranking. Now it is important to know that all these steps are important and they have to be done in an integrated manner to achieve a high success rate. None of these can be done in isolation to improve the ranking potential of a website.

  1.               Creating unique contents for the website
  2.               Creating new links with reputable sites
  3.                Researching and studying the result and tweak it further for better results

Creating unique contents for the website

In the advertising field, it is said that ‘content is the king.’ It is important that you make your website visually attractive, but if you do not put high-quality content in it then your visitors will leave your site for some rival one.

  •      As no two customers, websites or industries are the same, it would be foolish to apply one rule for all of them. You have to do through research before starting on a website to see what the unique points about the new job are and how to exploit them to make the website get a higher ranking.
  •      Next step will be to find the most popular keywords that are relevant to the website content. Use these keywords while designing titles of the contents. They should also be sparingly used in the contents.
  •      Adding pictures and videos that are relevant to the contents of the website to make the web pages livelier.
  •      Redesigning the website, if you find that the current design hampers easy navigation.

Creating new links to reputable sites

Links are very important in any SEO work, it tells the search engine algorithm the quality of your website contents. Adding new links constantly to your website tells the search engine’s algorithm that your website is still relevant and it works in your favour when ranks are allotted by it. Try to ensure that your website outbound links are towards highly reputable sites. However, to get inbound links from these reputable sites you have to work hard consistently and provide unique contents that will add value to these highly reputable websites thus giving them the reason to provide links to your website.

Continuous evaluation

Website designing is not a one-off job where you build a website and then forget about it. For best SEO work, you have to continuously evaluate your job to improve it further. To do this, you have a few tools that help you in finding the shortcomings.

  •      Google analytical analysis: Tells you about positive as well as negative trends in the Internet and scope for improvement
  •      Webmaster tool analysis: This tells if there is any structural deficiency like navigability problems or compatibility issues

These, along with thorough website audit will tell you the loopholes in the system that harms the ranking of the website.