The BPO industry in India has doubled since the year 2014 to USD 6.3 billion and is expected to rise to 37% growth over the next few years. Several outbound telemarketing companies provide services and solutions to B2B firms looking forward to its development. It is a process of making new customers and retaining the older one. Telemarketing is one of the most effective methods of evolving your business, generating profit, and promoting your product.

The proactive method of marketing/promoting a business, product or service is known as outbound telemarketing. It helps in saving time and money as compared to personal selling. Telemarketing costs less than what it would cost to send a sales person to sell a product. Outbound telemarketing companies use interactive telemarketing tools to push up sales higher than by directly contacting customers. It is valuable for both big as well as small businesses.

Telemarketing is an important element of the overall marketing mix. It is an important tool for generating business leads for sales teams which contributes to the growth of the business.
outbound teleamrketing companiesOutbound telemarketing companies offer services to sell, generate leads, data collection, and to improve customer services.

Selling: The process of selling is carried out by trained professional to boost the sale and update the customers with the available services.

Lead Generation: It is an advanced method of generating business by making contacts with the customers and encouraging them to buy the product. Leads may be created from several sources such as Internet, references, advertisements, events or through telephone.

Data Collection: This method helps to extract accurate information about the buying activity of the customers.

Improving customer service: Companies can go a long way by keeping customers satisfied and happy. Telemarketing is an important facet of the services. It helps in retaining the existing customers and winning over the new ones.

Outbound telemarketing companies generate sales through calls made by agents to bolster company’s revenue. Outbound tele-sales services are provided to make the customer aware of the benefits, pros and cons, and usage of the product, which customers have bought or looking forward to buy in the near future. Telemarketing operators make cold calls to their prospective customers. The motive of this type of call is to raise awareness of the product or service thereby convincing them to place an order.

Around 40% of B2B marketers found that telemarketing is the best way of generating high quality leads. The important aim of the multinational companies is to transform the steady leads into their successful customers essential for the development of the business. Several companies feel that leads must be generated in-house by the sales/advertising staff, who knows about the product and service better, but as it is time consuming and resource intensive activity, companies tend to outsource the work.

The reasons why organizations choose to outsource telemarketing calls to professional companies are:

  • Challenge to assemble and provide effective training to the telemarketing staff
  • Rent an office space
  • Equipment used for telemarketing including, computer, internet access, and telephone connection/headphones
  • Inaccurate data and a limited or lack of access to high quality data
  • Low productivity
  • Expensive process

Outbound telemarketing companies provide services extremely beneficial to the business. In fact, it is a powerful and cost effective tool for direct sales. The services allow businesses to provide answers to all of their clients’ questions and addressing the clients’ primary concern. Thus, in this dynamic world, where competition tends to increase day by day, it is imperative for the companies to make their customer services available 24/7. This is only possible through telemarketing call centers, which help companies to increase revenue and acquire more customers and plays a vital role in the marketing activities of the business. Despite their geographical location, operators can easily target a particular set of customers who might buy the product or services. Providing online communication and transactions, telemarketing assists in developing and implementing competent market scheme.