Condom is an extremely popular way of contraception. When we consider the effectiveness of any type of contraception, we should refer to two different groups. The first group “perfect group”. It includes the people who use condoms following correct instructions. The results of the perfect use are usually measured via laboratory studies. The other method is “typical use”.In fact, this is how most of the people use condoms. As an example, if a woman tale birth control pills late (not immediately after) or miss a pill now and then, is typical use. If someone puts on his condom at the middle of the intercourse, it is typical use. Usually the typical users say that they use condoms as a method of birth control while they use it one out of every three times they have intercourse.

loveIt is understandable for any average person that the success rate of the typical use is less. As a figure, the effectiveness of typical use is 85%. In other words, there is a 15% risk of pregnancy. On the other hand, the “perfect use” guarantees an effectiveness of 98%, which means there is only 2% risk for pregnancy.

The figures stay same with the first timers and the experts of sex. In fact, the sexual experience doesn’t not have anything to do with the effectiveness rate of a contraceptive.

Giving you a couple of methods to compare the effectiveness of the condoms as a method of birth control, spermicides delivers s success rate of 85% with the perfect use while typical use delivers 71% rate. When it comes to birth control pills the effectiveness of the perfect use is as high as 99.7% while typical use provides a success rate of 92%. If you prefer IUD, it serves you with a success rate of 99% with both typical and perfect use.

By looking at the facts provided, you would understand that no method delivers a success rate of 100% alone. If you expect 100% protection from pregnancy, you would have to avoid the kids of sex that involves genital intercourse or other direct genital-to-genital contact, which present risks of pregnancy.

The above mentioned are the results of a survey carried outfor a one year’s duration. Which means, in a single incident of sex, condom can be absolutely 100% effective. The end result is that we end up getting pregnant or not. There is no such incident called 28% pregnant. If we do not get pregnant after the use of condoms during a single intercourse, the condom is 100% effective.

Young women have 90% of chance of getting pregnant if no contraception is used. These chances can be reduced up to 15% even with the typical use of condoms. These figures show the effectiveness of using condoms even with the typical use. They have a good chance of reducing the risk of pregnancy for a level of 2% in case of perfect use. Therefore, it is always better to use the condoms whenever you engage with sexual acts.