The allure of Mercedes-Benz luxury cars has more to do with their looks and travelling comfort than with the various safety features that come as part of the package called brand Mercedes. It has been observed that people travelling in these cars are more conscious about the brand image than the presence of umpteen safety features, which as a protective shield can be the savior should any unforeseen incident take place. Come 2018, Mercedes-Benz will see further addition to its rich pool of safety features, especially in its S-Class, which would supplement the refurbishments with respect to the appearance, powertrain and interior comfort of the vehicle.


Improvements to the drive quality

The existing ‘Intelligent Drive’ feature in Mercedes-Benz cars inclusive of used Mercedes cars available in metropolitan cities such as Delhi and other places consists of measures like an adaptive braking system, an electric stability program, and a parking assist system among others. This feature will see an upgrade through a few additions as given below:

·         Active Distance Assist Distronic (adaptive cruise control)

·         Better 360 degree camera

·         Radar units Active Speed Limit Assist

·         Active Emergency Stop Assist

·         Active Lane Change Assist

·         Active Brake Assist

·         Evasive Steering Assist

Let’s discuss a few of the above mentioned additions to understand their true implications in terms of improving the safety and drive quality:

Active Distance Assist Distronic: Known by various names such as intelligent / radar / adaptive / autonomous cruise control, the feature automatically slows down the car should it find another vehicle in front of it. Conversely, the mechanism speeds up the car as well when it senses the vehicle in front has moved ahead to a safe distance. In other words, the automatic feature helps the car keep pace with the vehicle ahead even without the driver actively pressing the brakes. Thanks to the upcoming Distronic system the S-Class would scan the area ahead of it through better radar guns and initiate braking, besides alerting the driver through audible beeps.

Moreover, the feature is calibrated to slow the car around bends, junctions, roundabouts, and toll booths, and can work perfectly in tune with various drive modes – Eco, Comfort, Sport and Individual. The system can help the driver by controlling the inputs through better usage of maps and navigational data.

Active Lane Change Assist: The system scans the area ahead, on the sides and behind for any obstruction, and alerts the driver accordingly on the instrument panel should the latter presses a particular button to utilize its function. Thus, the driver need not strain his neck to see if a vehicle is around while changing lanes, for the system does the ‘job’ efficiently for him.

Active Speed Limit Assist: Often drivers are confused or ignorant about maintaining specific speed limits in certain stretches of the road or areas. Here, this particular system can help the car maintain specific speed limit by reading traffic signs and by incorporating local speed limits into the navigational system.

Active Steering Assist: This system is also available in used Mercedes cars that can be purchased in Delhi or other such major cities. It has been improved further to ensure the car remains in its lane by automatically adjusting the steering mechanism.

Active Emergency Stop Assist: This system will render the car immobile by putting on the brakes, switching on indicators and unlocking the doors should it sense the driver is not operating the car. This is done in conjunction with the Active Steering Assist feature.

Active Brake Assist: The system puts on the brakes besides alerting the driver with audible cues and lights, should it sense traffic or pedestrians crossing in front of it.

With these avant-garde features, the forthcoming S-Class sedan will become a force to reckon with in the competitive luxury car market.