Did you know that 19% of businesses opt for business loans to meet financial challenges? This figure is higher than other sources of capital including credit loan, personal loan, owner/ family equity and business credit card debt. Whether we talk of making initial capital investments, meeting day-to-day expenses or expanding a business, a business loan can help a business overcome all types of financial difficulties.

Business loans are of many types. Some of the common types of business loans include business lines of credit, factors receivables, merchant cash advance loans and SBA loans. Each of these loans has its own unique benefits. Keeping in mind its own specific needs and requirements, a business can select the right type of business loan.

When it comes to applying for a business loan, improper research is one of the most common mistakes made by businesses. Conducting proper research and gaining familiarity with some basic terms like security, repayment schedule, time to maturity and interest will go a long way in helping a business select the right type of loan.