Thailand, “the Land of Smiles” is truly a fascinating place to visit that hosts a myriad of wonderful delights, thereby letting people get an unforgettable traveling experience. Be it the range of natural imageries, the sky-high establishments or the ancient ruins of their rich history and culture, Thailand is the perfect stopover for people from all walks of life as it has enough in store to enrich everyone’s mind and soul.

But, like any other nation, Thailand has a set of predefined beliefs, values and rituals that occupy a significant portion of the natives’ lives, which must be believed and respected by the tourists as well. In order to ensure an enjoyable experience and lessen the complexities related to visiting an entirely new place, backpackers must keep a note of certain things while visiting this enthralling piece of harmony and integrity.

Respect the Royal Family and the King

This comes at the top of a must- do list for tourists visiting Thailand. Keep note of the fact that the Thai people should tolerate no negative statement about the Royal family or the King. It is illegal for which, one might end up in finding himself behind bars for uttering something negative about the King and the Royal family. The best choice is not to speak much about them and if so, then speak positive.
pattaya-law-500x375The Concept of Saving Face

This perception relates to something, which cannot be witnessed in the west and so, people might find it difficult to comprehend. One of the important things to know before landing on Thailand is that one can never lose his face. Moreover, the person should also not ever try to make someone lose his face. Well, probably the phrase ‘lose face’ is pretty confusing and so, to make some sense, it actually means the embarrassment of doing something bad or making someone look bad as well. Thus, the person must not be confrontational, must not raise voice because of anger and should try to interact with people with a smile.

Street Food is the Best

For backpackers with the desire to taste the real delicious Thai food, it is time for them to hit the streets. One can find a number of appetizing dishes. Generally, people serving food in the local food stalls are very much welcoming and serve with great hospitality. Moreover, they also recommend about the most popular dishes of the place, thereby trying to serve the best.

Be Mindful of One’s Own Feet

Feet are the lowest part of a human body, which is also the most connected to the Earth. As per the sects and beliefs of Buddhism, they signify the link between human beings and the Earth. This perception relates to certain things. It is ideal to never step on anyone. It is ideal to take the shoes off when the person is about to enter someone’s home. It is ideal not to point on soles of the feet in front of anyone or any kind religious objects. Moreover, while visiting a temple, it is ideal not to sit cross-legged and rather sit on the heels.

Though, Thai people show a great sense of understanding and will certainly help tourists to ensure a comfortable stay. But, it is the ideal choice to visit this fascinating nation with proper information of the distinct set of beliefs and customs. Contact a trusted tour operator for getting information of the lucrative packages of Thailand Travel Tours and explore this majestic piece of beauty.