Skin tags are one of the most irritating but harmless flesh-coloured growths that can develop on anyone at any time. These are generally caused due to the accumulation of the blood vessels as well as collagen at the thicker parts of the skin. Biologically termed as achrochordon, these fleshy outgrows can occur anywhere on the body. Whether it be the eyelids, arms, neck, lower part of the breast or the armpits, the skin tags can occur both in men and women.

bSo, do you also have skin tags and looking for its removal procedures or treatment procedure? If it is so, then you are at a right place! But before we move ahead with the skin tag removal procedure, we would like to share some of the important things about these skin tags. So, let us move further with the skin tag basics:

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are the harmless small tumour that occurs in the folds of the skin. These skin tags are not painful except those instances when it gets irritated by constantly rubbing with another skin or friction with clothing. These tags are generally smooth, slightly wrinkled flesh that hangs in a stalk. Being small as a pin head, they are little bit darker in colour as compared to the surrounding skin. Usually they are small, just a few centimetres, but in some of the cases they are little-bit bigger in size.

Factors responsible for causing skin tags: There is no such definite cause of skin tags but are prevalent to the pregnant women. Also, overweight or obese individuals, as well as diabetic patients, can have greater chances for the skin tags. This could result due to the irritation from clothing or skin rubbing. As a result, this problem is prevalent among obese individuals too. Another major cause is the insulin resistance in the diabetic patients that is one of the casual factors for tags.

Skin tag removal procedure: The main reason for the skin tag removal treatment or the skin tag removal procedure is due to the aesthetic reasons. Generally those individuals who develop large tags go through the tag removal procedure. So, let us look at some of the tag removal procedures:

  • One procedure is termed as the cryotherapy. In this procedure, the skin tags are being freeze with the help of liquid nitrogen and is considered as one of the safest and fastest ways to remove skin tags. This is the best procedure opted by the doctor.
  • Next procedure is the cauterization in which the skin tag is removed due to electric cauterization.
  • Another best procedure is the ligation which can be performed at the home itself, without going to the doctor’s office. You just have to tie a thread at the end of the tag and make sure it is so that that the tag gets deprived it of the blood source. After few days, the tags will automatically fall off. This procedure may take some time but still it is much more effective.
  • Last but not the least, the incision procedure is another technique used to remove skin tags. You have to cut those tags with a scissor or a scalpel, but if you are afraid as it can be painful, you need to first numb the area first with the ice. Also, better you use a sterilized scissor in order to avoid any kind of infection. Cut the tag near the healthy skin which will bleed a lot, but you need to control the bleeding by applying pressure on it. After some time the bleeding will stop and you can head towards your normal routine.

Thus, these were some of the effective skin tag removal procedures. You can even try your hands on different home remedies for skin tag removal. You can research about those home remedies online and follow its procedure.