Data is defined as distinct pieces of processed information which usually exist in various forms such as numbers or texts. Data is said to be collected, measured, analysed, and reported to enable proper decision making. The singular form of data is datum but data is mostly used these days as a plural noun. When it is said that data is a set or group of values of quantitative and qualitative variables; that’s not a mistake. Now that we have known what data means, what then is data entry?


Data entry refers to data acquisition or duties performed by a data entry clerk or worker. We can’t deny the fact that many things come to our minds whenever we hear of the words “data entry”. The truth remains that data entry is very vast and it is a term that covers a number of occupations like typists, transcribers, data processors, clerks, and coders. In essence, one can define data entry as the process of using equipment(s) such as the keyboard to input data which can be alphabetic, symbolic or numeric into a company’s system or database. Data entry jobs can be done from any remote location and one thing a data entry clerk should be aware of is being ready to edit and make necessary adjustments to the data as at when needed.

In Bangalore, there are lots of jobs as well as data entry jobs. There are companies offering data entry services and as well there are companies offering data entry jobs in Bangalore. These companies employ individuals specialized in data entry and their employment can either be on a part-time or full-time basis. Data entry is said to have two types which are online and offline data entry. Online data entry jobs in Bangalore involve entering of data with an internet connection for data collection, extraction or data gathering. On the other hand – offline data entry is the opposite of the processes involved in online data entry. It does not necessarily require internet connection. Offline data entry jobs involve entering of information of/for financial industries, business firms or hospitals in Bangalore.

Below are some of the duties of a data entry worker in some establishments:


In hospitals, a data entry worker inputs patients’ information and update personal medical files. They also enter doctor’s scanned paper works, notes, update insurance and prescription details.

Financial industries

The financial industries employ data entry worker to assist in entering bank transactions, personal information, and other financial transactions. These financial industries include stock brokerage firms and banks.

Business firms

The firms also employ data entry worker to input catalogue orders, and process incoming mails. They enter inventory and pricing information, and process incoming and outgoing packages and deliveries. Entering and tabulating customer’s comments such as concerns are included in data entry worker’s obligations or duties. They also help the management by compiling the various data coming fro different service such as the employees, suppliers, and customers.

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