Freedom of movement is a boon. Standing on your own feet literally and figuratively plays an integral role in both your self-development as well as self-confidence. Unfortunately, sometimes life takes a turn for the worst and some people lose the strength in their leg muscles and end up with limited mobility. This may be due to a weakening illness, an unfortunate accident or maybe due to the natural progression into old age. But this physical limitation need not curb your life activities. Reclaim your active social life and flexible mobility with wonderfully crafted wheelchairs which are supported by high quality wheel chair cushions that are stable as well as comfortable for extensive usage.

careModern Wheelchair cushions are functional as well as comfortable

Wheelchair cushions provide the necessary back support to the patients, and they are also easily available. Since they allow in almost an equal distribution of weight of the patient, the blood flow is not impeded in any way. The well contoured wheel chair cushions facilitate:

  • comfortable sitting posture
  • no chances of sliding out or tilting sideways
  • skin protection and support for body muscles due to firm cushioning inside protective covering
  • orthopedically-approved designs for therapeutic and practical comfort
  • The mobility and flexibility of wheel chairs would be useless if the seat is not comfortable. With this thought in mind, many medical care companies undertook the task of designing functional wheel chair cushions that are comfortable, orthopedically beneficial and yet affordable.
  • Comfort for aiding long periods of use and correct shape and support for therapeutic care and healing, are the two main criteria that drive this enterprise.

Assortment of cushions and supports for Wheel chair users

Using practical inputs from wheelchair users, orthopedic recommendations from specialist in the field and state of the art technology, designers have now evolved an assortment of wheelchair cushions to suit all kinds of comfort factors as well as provide stable support to various kinds of muscle complications. Now one can choose from:

  • Gel cushions that are focused on providing comfort and those which enable extended sitting without the discomforts of pressure ulcers and troublesome skin complications. However, they are heavier when compared to the foam cushions.
  • Air cushions are specially designed to provide the most malleable contoured shape for comfortable sitting even for long hours and they effectively spread out the pressure points for proper blood circulation and physical comfort.
  • Foam padded cushions are the most affordable as well as a majorly comfortable alternative as the lightweight body provides relief from constant pressure on skin and sitting muscles while distributing the weight across the area for comfort sitting. However, these cushions get compressed after prolonged use, so they need to be replaced after some time.
  • Positioning cushions provide structured comfort and recommended sitting posture to those wheelchair occupants who need to maintain their physical stance and avoid slouching, hunching and tilting which may be harmful to their body and do undue damage to their muscles.
  • Back support cushions are similar to the positioning cushions and they provide contoured support to the occupants back and spine for stability as well as for ensuring a balanced sitting posture.
  • Bariatric cushions provide proven reinforced support for heavy duty wheelchairs while ensuring proper pressure relieving and weight distribution for the occupant.

So, do not get bogged down by physical inabilities or weaknesses. And with quality wheel chair cushions that are comfortable as well as beneficial, firm yet well-contoured for relaxed sitting posture, durable and made of skin-friendly padding; you can now sit on your wheel chairs for hours without feeling any muscular discomforts or distressing pressure points, skin ulcers or ligament pains. Reclaim your active life by choosing a best wheelchair cushion that has been designed just for you.