GIA certified engagement rings are the rings that have been certified by the Gemological Institute of America. The GIA has come up with the popular 4 Cs system of grading. It is known for possessing the most stringent grading standards of leading labs. The grading system which is used is also quite convenient. GIA certificate is taken as a benchmark for comparing other certifications.

What is GIA and What is its Importance?

Getting  engaged is considered one of the most special and important events in the life of an individual and one of the most essential items to be considered for this event is an engagement ring. Purchasing diamond engagement rings from wholesale companies in place of buying them from retailers is the best method of saving money while getting top quality stone. Nevertheless, the stone is not barred of potential dangers. Purchasing from a corrupt dealer might spoil the emotional occasion leaving you completely thunderstruck because of the huge amount that you spent on getting the ring. There is one method that you can use in preventing yourself from the chances of being duped. The method is getting hold of a GIA certified vendor. The Gemological Institute of America is the leading authority of gemstones and diamonds in the world. The main aim of this organization is providing protection to the people who purchase gemstones by ensuring that the gemstones are 100% genuine.GIA certified engagement rings

The Work Procedure of the GIA

The GIS carries out its job of certifying diamonds and other gemstones by determining and grading the gems that enter the entire market scenario. The organization also carries out thorough research on gemstones in order to get hold of more and improved methods of deciding on the gem quality and the methods important for achieving this quality. The institute makes sure that the customer is completely confident about not being misguided. Popular wholesale companies deal in GIA certified engagement rings by allowing GIA to carry out a complete analysis of their diamonds for grading them and for confirming that the diamonds are genuine. The work carries out by GIA is getting all the more important with new gemstone sources coming up in the market. the demand for GIA certification has also increased due to an increase in the processes used for treating diamonds and for the industrial procedures that have the ability of producing artificial copies. Apart from the above illustration, the requirement to know if gemstones are coming from decent methods and sources with minimal impact on the environment is also of great importance.

How is the Rating Done?

GIA certified engagement rings are rated under 10x magnification. The examiner might also zoom in for getting an improved look during the rating procedure. However, the rating is always based on 10x magnification. When rating the clarity of a diamond engagement ring, the examiner looks for the imperfections and the flaws present in the diamond. The gemstone value increases if there are few flaws and the value is likely to decrease if there exist many flaws in the gemstone.