Outsourcing non-core functions to an external call center is considered astrategy for business to focus on growth. As such, many global business firms have either set up their own call centers or have transferred their call center operations to specialized service providers in India. With the evolution of number of call centers across various business domains, India has become one of the most preferred destinations for setting up call centers or outsourcing call center operations to specialized business vendors. This blog discusses the advantages of availing the services rendered by call centers in India.

call center servicesBusiness Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies or call centers are primarily responsible for sharing responsibilities of accomplishing various business specific tasks as well as accountability associated with the products and services of any business organization. There is a wide range of call centers or BPO firms in India which are offering a wide range of services to various business organizations across the globe, irrespective of their size and business nature. While some BPO firms or call centers limit their offerings to either inbound services or outbound services, most call centers or BPO firms in India offer both types of services to business organizations across different segments and domains. The call center industry in India is not new; however, just after the revolution of IT industry as well as Banking sector, the nation has seen emergence of plenty of call centers across varied geographical locations catering to varied business organizations across different domains and sectors. At present, call center industry in India employs a major chunk of its population, and plays major role in shaping financial structure of the nation as a whole. Over the course of a decade or two, this industry has gained immense popularity and it has experienced huge success and growth in India. In recent years, India has even surpassed some of its Asian counterparts in being the most preferred location to transform call center operations.

call centerThe services rendered by call centers in India can be classified into inbound and outbound services. Inbound services are primarily availed by those business organizations which are finding it difficult to provide expedient support provisions to their customers or consumers. Inbound services include customer support provisions, including queries resolution; complaints handling; troubleshooting; order placement; and/or requests registering. The call centers which are provide inbound services to business organizations have pool of efficient employees who can provide enriching as well as informative conversations to all the customers or end users of products who are seeking assistance from company’s representatives. Call centers or BPO firms in India comprehensively train their employees about the features of products and services of the company. Moreover, they are also trained to handle complaints and register requests by the customers. The services offered by well trained professionals help business organizations in ensuring nice experience to its customers. While inbound services are mostly rendered by business organization to ensure nice experience to its existing as well as potential customers, outbound services are availed to accomplish much wider range of business tasks. Outbound services are availed by business firms to perform various non-core yet important business functions. There are plenty of call centers or business process outsourcing firms in India which offer a wide range of outbound services, which include telemarketing; appointment scheduling; data verification; and/or lead generation. Usually, business organizations lack a team of dedicated and expert professionals who can help business organizations in accomplishing these business specific tasks effectively. Therefore, business firms outsource these functions to call centers or specialized business professionals in India.There are several factors that have contributed to the rapid boom of call centers in India, and two most prominent ones are listed below:

Government policies: Indian government have incorporated as well as implemented several policies which facilitate effective functioning of call centers or BPO firms in India. These policies include rebate on taxes; availability of electricity and energy at subsidized rates; and duty free imports of capital goods among many other things. This has encouraged business organizations across the globe, irrespective of their business nature, to outsource their call center operations to India.

Availability of cheap yet skilled labors: The labor cost in India is cheaper than that of most western countries and even Asian counter parts. Apart from the availability of cheap labors in India, there are also plenty of well qualified and skilled youths who have proficiency in English language, most widely spoken language in the world. Considering the availability of plenty of cheap and skilled labors who are proficient in English, business organizations seek to outsource their business specific tasks or call center operations to call centers or BPO firms in India.

Considering the above mentioned benefits of availing call center services in India, business organizations should outsource their business specific tasks to the BPO firms in India.