Delay to Pearce Debut for New Team

A team that has been dubbed, the ‘worst team in England’ have signed former England player Stuart Pearce in the hope that this might improve their prospects. Here we look at the man himself and how his coming out of…

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Snack time in Kerala

Kerala, historically known as Keralam, is situated on the Malabar coast of south India and is bordered by Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and the Lakshadweep Sea. Kerala is India’s thirteenth largest state by population and comprises of 14 districts. The cuisine…

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Why Students Need a Career Counselor?

Career counseling can also be termed as ‘career development’ is a ‘lifelong process involving psychological, sociological, educational, economic and physical factors, as well as chance factors that interact to influence the career of the individual.” Academic training often leaves a…

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15 SEO Tips to Rock Your World

Search engine optimization or SEO helps your website place higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs). It is a big deal to all website managers and business owners, what can spell the difference between gaining new customers or remaining…

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