Instagram is one of the fastest growing social sites available today. There are an estimated one point two billion users of Instagram worldwide. With this number steadily on the rise each and every day, we are more likely to see many more users joining the new craze. It is with this knowledge that developers have developed Instagram applications to help users to better navigate the world of Instagram. Below, I will mention a few of them.insta

  1. Latergramme

Latergramme is made especially for users who are using the apple devices, such as the iPod and iPhone that run on iOS. It allows a user to schedule posts to the exact time you would want them to be uploaded on your account. This type of application is useful especially to the individuals or businesses that use Instagram for their marketing. This app is usually considered too serious for the casual everyday user. The advantage of it is that it can support multiple accounts at the same time and that you can access it on the web as a web app.

  1. Hashtagram

Hashtagram is made for people who are interested in slideshows for Instagram pictures. It connects with one’s Twitter feed and Twitter users find this application the most interesting to work with. As the name suggests, Hashtagram focuses on hashtags marked by the hashtag symbol (#). Any picture or video marked with this symbol and a keyword placed after it will be filtered in the search option both on Instagram and on twitter. Thereafter you can easily reply to a user, retweet or quote using the application. The disadvantage of this app is that it mainly focuses on Twitter users. Others may not find it so useful.

  1. Quick

This application is also made for iOS users, namely the people who use iPhones and iPods. It allows the user to add different text styles to Instagram pictures and videos uploaded. This application offers a wide range of fonts and styles of texts that one can choose from in order to make the picture or video more interesting to view. Once you download the Quick application, you will get Instagram followers increasing in number due to the unique look of your profile and account. The good news is that Quick is a free application available in the apple store. The bad news is that android users cannot access this application.

  1. Instagram downloader

This application is used to download pictures and videos that you have uploaded on your Instagram page. Many people use this application to back up their pictures. Since it is a desktop app, you can easily back up your pictures onto your laptop or your desktop.

At the rate at which Instagram is growing, it is no wonder that there are many applications available to users to make the social network more interesting and interactive. Whether you are new to Instagramor you are a seasoned user you can download these apps to make your experience a bit more different each time you log on.

Grace smalling in a social media manager at an Atlanta based tours company. She uses apps to get Instagram followers on the accounts she manages