We have told you about the grant contest in new condom design and fabrication sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Nothing spurs creativity like money. Most of the winners have ideas that are very futuristic, but one inventor has an idea that could revolutionize the condom industry – at least for men over 40.

According to leading scientists the new wave of condoms would not be made of latex but rather hydrogels. Granted, not many of us know a hydrogel from an atom. If we gave you a diagram it still would be Greek. A hydrogel is a smart material that changes properties and abilities based on the combination of ingredients.
happy-coupleThese scientists at British Condoms believe they can make a condom from this smart material that will actually self-lubricate and more importantly, feel like the man is wearing nothing. They believe that if this concept came to life, it would increase the use of condoms especially in areas where condom use is very lean and the incidents of HIV and STDs are very high.

What could be better? What if this condom had the ability to deliver Viagra in an instant? Men would not have to depend on condoms that had benzocaine in them that may deaden any stimulation they receive.

This wonder condom is still in the development stage and has not advanced to human testing. Many physicians would wonder if there should be a warning on them regarding men with heart issues. Would you still have to call for medical help if your erection lasted more than four hours? None of these questions have been answered as yet.

However, if these condoms make it to human trials there will be thousands of men willing to give them a go without incentives or payment.