Planning a Delhi trip from Gujarat? Well, the monsoons and winters are the best time to visit Delhi. In fact, for a trip anywhere in India, Delhi is always a favorite stopover. It is such a big city that it can confuse anyone who is coming here for the first tim. Delhi as a city is divided into six regions, namely North, West, East, South, Central, and last but not the least the Old Delhi. A plan made in advance would come handy before you book the air tickets. For Ahmedabad to Delhi flights Indigo are a good option in airlines. Choose as per your budget.

Delhi as a city has an interesting history backdrop. The city was destructed and rebuilt many a time, many landmarks of the city tell you this story when you visit them. So what are the things to keep in mind while visiting Delhi? Here a list of 11 things to consider in order planning a wonderful itinerary that gives you the best out of your Delhi tour:

  1. It is important to choose the right season since Delhi can be extremely hot during summers. You can visit the national capital in the months of November to February. These are the best months indeed. September, October and March are also fine for an ambient experience. Although monsoons are quite unpredictable, but it usually rains in the months of July and August in Delhi. The city appears in lively colors when it rains and it can be a nice experience for you despite the fact that rains often bring the city traffic to a halt.
  2. Best time to explore this city is to visit it between mid-January and mid-February. Its foggy, wintry appeal would certainly lure you in heaps and bounds.
  3. Hindi is well-spoken in all parts of Delhi. Hinglish and English are common too. Hence, you might not feel estranged in terms of language and communication in the city.
  4. Get used to the massive crowd at public places. The city is one of the most populated places in India and most of the markets are full with people all the day. What is yet so nice about the city is that the people here come from various different places which weave a colorful fabric of many cultures and traditions.
  5. The nightlife culture in Delhi is still opening up to exposure. Early nightlife means the diners and pubs close by midnight and you might feel like you could have enjoyed a little late. The wine shops close at 10 o’clock at night.
  6. Explore the culture: Celebrate festivals like Holi and Diwali in this huge city like never before.
  7. When it comes to food, Delhi rules all the streets. You can eat as many varieties of food you wish.  From Biryanis to Kebabs to Tikkas, savory, spicy aroma of food fills the air all over the city.
  8. Stay away from the beggars and do not entertain strangers in the late hours. It is for your own safety. Bargain as much as you can and do it everywhere. Always quote half the asking price whenever you are in the open markets. Not as many as in Jaipur, but Delhi has its own share of touts. It is best to hire a travel guide from an agency or the tourism center. Navigate the city using Delhi Metro which is the best way to travel here. Or just hire a taxi. HOHO buses are a nice way to catch up on all the tourist attractions in less time.
  9. Do attend a Delhi wedding if you can. Indian weddings are big and fat as often heard. What would be a better time to have a closer look. Once you are invited to a wedding in Delhi, you would have an experience of a lifetime. Big weddings in Delhi are overtly extravagant and if it is held in a swanky farmhouse, you would never want to forget the feel of that opulent evening.

So, prepare for the best, pen down all the important landmarks and historic places, restaurants, museums, carnivals, events, and festivals you want to explore in Delhi and get your Indigo airlines tickets done well in advance. Have a nice time.