At some point in life, we have all had to hold down the home fort all alone or maybe we live alone now. It is an exhilarating thought being independent and all by yourself. A human being is trained to think only of the the fun ways things can be done or all the good things about being all alone.

We never think of the things that could go wrong. Most of us who live alone are very unprepared or have not thought of a plan that can be launched into action if something bad does happen. Most vulnerable of the lot of people who stay home alone are kids, women and aged people. Thieves, intruders or even sexual predators think of them as easy preys. home-burglar Alarm
It is absolutely imperative in the 21st century to have a home alarm system or some kind of home security to ensure that all precautions have been taken for a moment of emergency and that help is not too far away.

These are five tips that should be kept in mind by people who either stay home alone or are by themselves for a particular period of time like elderly citizens not living in retirement homes or children who have grown too old for babysitters, or even women who have moved out of their parents’ house.

Check-In- Whenever you step back home, like, after office hours, after school etc., make sure you check in with a loved one. It could be anyone including a parent, family member or even a friend.

Always make sure someone knows you’re at home so that they could rush to your aid if required. It is also optimum to let someone know your whereabouts at all time, if possible.

Say No to strangers- Of course, it’s an entirely established saying that we’ve all grown up with. You should always say no to a stranger. Kids, elderly or women should never either tell a stranger that they are alone or let someone in without anyone else home.

Back-up plans- Always be prepared and have a back-up plan. Know where everything is, including torches, batteries, extra cash, etc. If you’re a parent, please make sure your child knows your back-up for emergencies, the emergency numbers as well as where everything is in the house.

Locks/ Door Phones- Make sure the security plans for your house include a strong and sturdy lock. Also, invest in a force-resistant lock and in case you can, make sure you get a door chain installed.

Door Phones are another necessity of the modern era where one needs to be sure who’s at the door and if they know them before opening the gates. If you’re a child, please refrain from answering the door unless absolutely necessary.

Alarms- Security alarms are something that you can absolutely not do away with if you’re a responsible homeowner. You have to install home alarm systems, home security systems etc. Companies like ADT make alarms that make sure intruders are kept at bay and the house remains safe.

So, please ensure you buy an ADT alarm system today.

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