You may have attended more than one party for adults in your lifetime and while there is always a risk of a mess being made, the fact is that kids parties can get even messier, almost always! Many parents often feel annoyed when they organize a great party and where everyone has a great time but yet a huge mess is left in the house, resembling it to a war zone and as such they will need to spend more time cleaning up.

kids party cleaning tips

Here are 10 quick and easy ways to help you with the task that is applicable for every kids parties that you will ever host.

  1. Include the cleaning portion in your party’s planningYes, you need to start planning on how you would perform the cleaning up once the party is done and this should be at the top of the list each and every time you organize any kids parties. First and foremost, understand that prevention is better than cure so you should take every opportunity to minimize the risk of a mess being made by the children during the party.This means having to move breakable and fragile items out of their reach and not leaving any cups partially full with liquid just standing on the table. Take the time to remove any items that the children may easily come in contact with and of which can be a hazard to them. This means anything small enough that they might try to swallow or dangerous liquid chemicals that might be in their reach.

    Remember that as this will be your party, you are responsible for making sure the environment is safe for the children to play and be in before you invite them over. Make a quick final check around the house right before the guests start to arrive so you can quickly remove any items you may have missed out the first time.

  2. Accidents can happen, deal with them quicklyYou may have spent an extra hour scouring the house for breakable objects and yet sometimes accidents just happen. Don’t fret about what has already happened but instead choose to act immediately when it happens, especially where there are sharp fragments of glass or wood around.Things can get messy very quickly when glass is involved because they are sharp and tiny fragments are often invisible to the naked eye hence you should clean them up immediately and hope that you get every last fragment off the floor.
  3. Try to move everything outdoorsIf you have a yard or a nearby park, consider moving your kids parties there especially during times when a mess is almost certain to happen. These moments can come when children are opening presents or when they are eating or playing with each other. When you do all these things outside, you not only guarantee the mess will stay outdoors but cleaning will also be much less of a hassle now.
  4. Soak up spills as quick as you canSpills of any kinds of colored liquid should be dealt with as soon as possible. This is vital especially if the liquid has spilt onto your carpets and wooden flooring. All you need is a detergent and a sponge to soak up the liquid. Hopefully if you react fast enough, your carpet will stay clean and you will not have to clean it further after the party.
  5. Get an all-purpose cleaning solutionMostly children will leave greasy marks across the floor and walls so if you have an all-purpose cleaning solution, you only really need it to clean the less serious mess that is left behind.