Search engine optimization or SEO helps your website place higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs). It is a big deal to all website managers and business owners, what can spell the difference between gaining new customers or remaining invisible online. To that end, we’ve assembled 15 SEO tips that may just rock your world.

  1. PageRank is dead. The quest to make and push PageRank is over. Google killed this off a few years back, so don’t make an effort here. Instead, concentrate on getting your pages to appear in the search results.
  1. Google Plus rocks. When using social media, Facebook and Twitter get top billing. And they should as each site attracts hundreds of millions of faithful users. But don’t overlook Google Plus, a place to share your top content. Because of its relationship with Google, your posts will get Google Search love too.
  1. Enhance your social media efforts. Social media is not a one and done proposition. Endeavor to share your articles through the top sites and follow up on those shares. Check your Twitter and Facebook analytics to gauge effectiveness.
  1. Make it user friendly. Your website should be easy to use. Further, it should be easy to navigate. Eliminate problem issues immediately advises
  1. Contribute content. Consider sharing your unique and best work on other websites. Sites that accept your work will also link to your website, providing you with excellent links and the customers that go with it.
  1. Use images and alt tags. Images are the candy that attracts people to your articles. The “alt” tags are what help the search engines identify and categorize your photos, for improved SEO.
  1. Expand your SEO range. Go beyond articles and photographs to expand your SEO range. Podcasts, video and social content can and will extend your reach.
  1. Respond to or turn off comments. If you allow comments on your website, then respond to these immediately. Otherwise, turn the comments off. Users who feel ignored will eventually go away.
  1. Collaboration is essential. Find like-minded people in your industry who use social media and collaborate with them. Share the love and you’ll receive love in return.
  1. Content is king. There is no getting around it — content is king. Therefore, provide fresh content for your blog or website and do so several times per week. If you don’t have the time to do the work yourself, then hire a freelancer to assist you.
  1. Avoid paid links. Never pay for links and never accept payment for links. You’ll be found out and Google will penalize you.
  1. Get and give links. Outbound links are important and can provide goodwill for your site. At the same time, gently request links from quality sites to your site. You’ll advance your SEO efforts in no time.
  1. Register a clean domain. If you are launching a new domain, make sure that it doesn’t have negative history with it. Verify this through Internet Archives.
  1. Update your content. Besides including new content, update your old content, especially if the information provided has changed. Provide relevant information that is linkable and usable by your readers.
  1. Link your articles. You wrote it, so now link it. Don’t just link out to your sources, but link across to your other articles. Related content should be shared, so make it easy for your readers to find it.

Top SEO Tips

Implement one or more tips — all 15 is the best approach — and you’ll begin to notice some differences right away. Keep tabs on your analytics to understand your traffic numbers, especially visitor behavior, including new sales.