For many, it is a hobby to built up a garden and spend time in gardening while for others, it is an ideal place to relax and de-stress. For both reasons, you need to have a well-maintained garden. A number of garden tools are available which may force any gardener to buy more. Many promise to ease the work and get it done in less time. So let’s see some very useful tools that you really need in your garden.

  1. Spade: Spades come in square heads. They are attached to short handles. You can use a spade for edging beds, moving soil, digging, etc. When you are buying a spade, buy one with steelhead along with handle made with fiberglass or wood. This is worth buying as they will stay with you untill the time you will be having the garden. Once bought it will last for years. Use Homebase voucher code to get it for less.
  1. Hand trowel: Trowels are your best partner when you have to plant herbs or annuals. It helps to dig out weeds at the same time plant vegetables. It would be better to buy a stainless steel trowel. Such a trowel will stay in good shape for a long time. Mostly they come with rubber grip. They may be a bit costly but worth buying.
  1. Digging fork: When it comes to lifting things, loosening soil, turning piles of compost, you need to have a digging fork. When you are buying a digging fork, you need to make sure to buy a fork which comes with foot rests and four tines. Make sure you don’t end up buying a pitchfork. Remember that though you can easily spread the mulches and turn compost, these forks are not suitable for heavy duty work. Most of the time digging forks comes with cast or forged stainless steel head region along with hardwood or fiberglass handle. Having a D-shaped handle will help you more with digging.
  1. Hoe: A number of hoes are available in the market, so better find one that suits your garden needs. A standard hoe can help you to remove weeds in the vegetable garden while you will need more delicate hoe if your garden is full.
  1. Dandelion digger: Dandelion digger is perfect to remove those weeds which have penetrated deeply. They help to remove weeds like Queen Anne’s lace, plantains and yes dandelions too.
  1. Rake: Rake helps to clean the garden areas especially covered with autumn leaves. You can either opt for a plastic rake or buy one made with steel or bamboo.
  1. Hand cultivators: Hand cultivators help to prepare the soil for seeding as well as get rid of small weeds. When you are buying one, make sure you either have a model with a steel head attached to a wooden handle or a model completely made with steel.
  1. Bypass pruners: It helps you with a number of activities like shaping plants, clearing out dead ends, etc. If you are looking for a quality one, it can turn out to be expensive. When buying make sure to find one that you can hold better as well as clean and sharpen when necessary.
  1. Loppers: If you have shrubs and trees in your garden, you will definitely need loppers. They help to cut branches and give shape to the trees and shrubs. So now shaping them can be a simple task. It helps to cut branches which are 2 inches in diameter.
  1. Hose with rain wand: Every gardener needs a hose which reaches every nook and corner of the garden. Rubber hoses are flexible and you can easily use them while plastic hoses are cheap and hard to handle. Make sure you buy brass couplings with the hose rather than opting for plastic ones. A hose-end sprayer or water wand will help to water those plants and seeds that are hanging or in containers.

There are many more garden tools available in the market, but these top ten tools will ease your work and stay with you for a long time.